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Connect The World

We humans are a diverse bunch, but we all want one thing: to connect.

To connect means to gain knowledge. To broaden our horizon.  To make new friends. 

When we isolate ourselves, bad things happen. We spy on our neighbours. We forget how to be human.

We start wars.

You wouldn't wage war on your friends, would you?

Build a network. Survive.

Connect the world.


Erich Schöll, Vasilika Schnitzer, Valera Schöll


Soundtracks by Daniel Schürhoff

Universal Sound FX

Freesounds.org (InspectorJ)
Freesounds.org (frankum)

Sound effects from zapsplat.com


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This is a nice concept. At first I didn't know what to do but after I read the comments and realized what to do I enjoyed infecting the world with the rainbow plague 😂. Although some how it still got blow up... Really great game!

Thanks for playing! Sometimes there's just not enough time to infect them all :smile: You probably missed some lonely nation somewhere that collapsed under its own weight and took the whole world with it.

Interesting concept. Took me a little while to get how the mechanics worked and the colours could be a bit hard to see sometimes. An outline or such on the circles to help identify them would be nice. I liked how the colours melded together as the links grew and enjoyed the music.

You're absolutely right about the colors, they're hard to see sometimes. We'll try to fix that in a future version. Thanks for playing our game! Happy to hear that you gave it a chance and figured out the mechanics.

Interesting, although I'm not sure the mechanics necessarily translated well into the intended message in my case, since I just waited for most of the world to get blown up and then quickly connected the few dots that remained.

Thanks for trying the game and the honest feedback! We didn't intend to make a perfect game possible where nothing explodes, it's more about telling the story of a world where you keep trying to reach everybody and save as many as you can :) We hope that you still could enjoy the gameplay.

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Oh yeah, I didn't mean to sound harsh. It was pretty fun. I just got a laugh at how well my destructive tactics worked.

The mechanic feels pretty good. I was a bit confused about what was going on most of the time, ie the objective. Music was nice.

Thanks for playing! We thought about adding a tutorial but then decided that figuring out what to do would be part of the puzzle. But I realize that it's not that obvious... The objective is to cross as many lines as possible, since crossing different colors mixes the colors of the individual dots. Having all six colors prevents the dots from exploding by themselves :)

Oh cool, I did pretty much get that after playing a bit!